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"The Youth Program has helped me in many ways. First, attending Basic Skills during my vacation has improved my reading, spelling, and vocabulary. Second, during the Job Readiness Workshops I've had the opportunity to meet new people from different high school and participated in activities that gave me information about jobs. Last, having a job has made me more independent and less shy because I was responsible to complete task on my own without the help of others."

"I'm glad I had the opportunity to be part of the Youth Program because it helped me improve my grades at school. The workshops also provided me with good work ethics to take along with me to other jobs. The work experience I received at Huntington Park High School helped me get a part time job at a Day Care Center after my vacation."

"I thought it was great. I learned more responsibility and started my career path and now I know how to do it"

"It was good. We got to review math and reading skills. I got to learn new things in the workshops such as what are the requirements for college"