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Documents Needed for Eligibility

Birth Certificate
or alien registration card, citizenship papers, US passport, baptismal certificate, hospital records, American Indian tribal records.

Proof of Residency
Bring a current utility bill, current drivers license, TANF/Public Assistance records, and report card.

Proof of Family Size
Must provide ONE of the following documents for EACH family member:
  1. Birth certificate
  2. Public Assistance record
  3. Baptismal records
  4. Hospital records
  5. California drivers license or ID

Proof of Family Income
Must provide ONE of the following documents:
  1. Pay Check Stubs from all jobs (covering a six month period)
  2. Food Stamps Card
  3. AFDC/TANF Notice of Action
  4. Copy of General Relief check
  5. Copy of AFDC/TANF check

Social Security Cards
for each member of the family

Proof of School Attendance
School ID, School Report Card, or letter from the school written on school stationary.

If youth is a male over 18 years of age, bring Selective Service Registration.

If a foster child, bring court papers.

If child is disabled or in special education classes, bring IEP or proof of disability.