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Resource Center Services

This W.I.O.A. funded program or activity is an equal opportunity employer/program. These resources are available to everyone.

Office Support
Resource Center is equipped with a full array of office support, including a telephone room for calling employers as well as designated Unemployment Insurance (U.I.) phones for filing your U.I. Claims, Fax Machines, Copier, Printers and Computers with high speed Internet access.

Auxilliary Aids
Auxilliary Aids and services are available upon request to individuals with disabilities. To insure availability, your request should be received 72 hours in advance of the need. Please contact the Disability Coordinator at (323) 586-4753.

TTY for the hearing impaired and special keyboards and software such as JAWS, Zoom Text, Open Book, and Dragon for the hearing and visually impaired. TDD/TTY # (323) 586-4707.

Job Boards
Job vacancies posted on our job boards as well as current recruitments events held at the Center, "Job Search Corner" offers weekly classifieds, publications, County and City job listings, exclusive "Hot Job" listings provided by our Business Services Division

Access to Employment Development Department (EDD) CalJOBS, California's Internet system for linking employer job listings and job seeker resumes and other job bank Internet Websites

Labor Market Information
Labor Market Information provides access to a variety of information about occupations in demand as well as giving you detailed information about specific jobs or careers

Job Readiness Workshops
Job Readiness Workshops provided in a designated Computer Lab; Computer Basics, Interview Preparation, Resume Writing, and Email Workshops all provided in both English and Spanish

Multi Media Library
Multi Media Library compiled with books, videos and DVDs on a variety of job search topics, information on training and education programs as well as information on Financial Aid

Referral to Partner Services
Referral to other Partner Services and/or establishing eligibility for additional employment services with our Partner Collaboratives

Referral to other Community services and resources