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Frequently Asked Questions

What is America's Job Center of California?
AJCC are full-service career centers that offer employment and hiring services to workers, employers, and job seekers at NO CHARGE.

America's Job Center of California has resource centers equipped with phones, copier, fax machines, and computers with Internet access. Additionally, there are educational books and videos available to help you prepare for job search and interview.

How much do services cost?
America's Job Center of California services are FREE to job seekers and business.

What services are available for job seekers?
America's Job Center of California provides access to job listings, resume writing, preliminary skill assessments, local education and training providers. Help with filing claims for unemployment insurance. Individuals with greater needs may be eligible for more intensive services, including personalized employment plans and counseling programs.

Can I receive services from any AJCC center? Or am I limited to the location closest to my residence?
There are no residency requirements for using America's Job Center of California. You may visit any AJCC of your convenience.

Do I need an appointment to use AJCC centers?
Most America's Job Center of California services are available on a walk-in basis. The use of the resource center is available for use without an appointment. More extensive needs would require an appointment.

Can you help me change my career path?
Our primary goal is to assist you in finding employment. We provide training, but these services are provided based on circumstances.

Why am I required to provide identification or "right to work" documents in order to receive CALJOBS assistance?
Hub Cities is a non-profit agency operating under government funding, hence we must adhere to state mandated law to provide you with assistance.

Do AJCC centers report supportive services to IRS?
No, America's Job Center of California does not report supportive services to IRS. Our services are government funded, hence they are free and you do not need to repay the support that you receive.

What type of supportive services do I receive?
You may qualify for supportive services on transportation, childcare, clothing, and most importantly, occupational skills training.

How much can I receive for supportive services?
Supportive services is provided on-a-need basis. The amount you receive is dependent on your circumstances. Your Customer Service Representative (CSR) will provide further details.

What types of training are available?
Eligible training programs can be researched and found on i-train.

How long does training take?
The length of training program varies between different programs. Refer to i-train for details on specific training programs.

Where are AJCC centers?
America's Job Center of California is located nationwide. Find the America's Job Center of California nearest you.

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2677 Zoe Avenue
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(323) 586-4700